Move to Facebook. is the blog creat to update the activities and news about library but more and more we all get stuck with Facebook and now you can check upate here. our location is always the same ; J51 , conor of Sein Pann Street and 7th Street Peik Thay Lei Quarter New Bagan mobile 09 50 35091 email




Dear All,
For the New Year, I would like to propose new simple program for tourists visiting Bagan. At Kuthodaw Library in New Bagan there will be small bookshelf where tourists can leave some books and takes books at ZERO COST. The idea is simple: give one and take one (or you can give two and take one; the number you give or take is up to you!). I hope this service will be useful for all travelers who love reading and sharing books with other readers.

So, when you are in Bagan, please visit us at the
The library is located on the main road in New Bagan
(near the Betelnut Hotel)

The aim of Kuthodaw Library is to encourage reading among the youth living in the Bagan area by providing free reading material (books and magazines) in Burmese, English and other languages.

If you have some great ideas for helping the children of Bagan, or are interested in teaching short English classes, or doing anything else to help the community, please contact me:

Opening hour : 06h00-12h30 & 15h30-18h30
We closed on SUNDAY and MONDAY.

August 2009 update news

Dear All ,
Since long i cannot update the information about Library..This August 2009 , we have some difficulties and pleasure at the sametimes..
Difficulities - Landlord increase the renting charges as usual but this time he go far , he ask triple..So, we have to find a new place and for the moment, i can find temporary place for 6 month...i have to find new place again in 6 month.

Pleasure-with some library's fund ,we buy eletric generator and we give it to one village on the way to Mont Popa for the students and villagers. On that day we offer rice soup to all student . And at another village on the way to Salay & Chauk, we offer exercise books to the students.

This year , we have no seminar from our library , only one work shop about ' Negociating Skill'
Well , for the moment this is all i have to share about library.

Libaray's Map and some update news

Dear All,
This is just brief information for 2008, we made one semester/conference and some donation to local small school with the help of Don and His friends from Bangkok. We cannot do big event and help for the children but we are trying to keep running the library for long term condition.

For next year rent of the building(2009/2010), Mrs. Antoinette Duncan take care about this .This is the major portion of the budget we spend in library project every year , if we already have money for the renting charges of building we can easily take care about staff and buying books etc.

Here is the update contact information and Map of libaray if you want to drop a visit while you are in bagan.

Ma May thu phyo or Ko Aung Hteik ( responsible person at library , Bagan)
Contact 00 95 61 65 263
Email or

Thank you all for your support.
With best wishes,
Kuthodaw library, bagan.

Some Photo of seminar 09Aug 2008 ( 2nd time)

Some photo of Audience and speakers at Seminar-09/08/08@Bagan

Licence for Kuthodaw Library

Dear All ,
we are very happy to tell you that after 3 years of work, the ministry of Public Relations has decided to approve the licence for Kuthodaw Library. The licence is good for one year starting 25 august and finishing 25 august 2009.This will make it much easier for us to organise seminars and workshops etc..
best regards,

Kuthodaw Library , Bagan

helping to one small school near bagan

With help of Donald Gilliland , we are helping to small school at Dahutcan village near bagan .

This primary school need a lot of support to stand proper are some photo of school and our works :